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With more than a decade of experience in digital media including Forbes top 100 advertisers, the ZO Media Group introduces a new digital agency service.

  • Atlantis, The Palm

    DUBAI, 01/08/2018


    Digital Media Enzo | Blockchain Enzo will be there as well

From first hand we see that many Blockchain based initiatives are in need of excellent (digital) media to get in the spotlights. Thousands of initiatives, are screaming for the attention to raise capital and to capture members.

Here is where Blockchainenzo comes in.

There are possibly two moments why Blockchain Enzo with their digital agency can work for you: to raise capital( for example, awareness of your ICO) and/or to gain members for your business to create value.

The owners of the ZO Media Group have extensive experiences with ICO, Cryptocurrency and other blockchain ventures. So we know exactly how to market your next unicorn. We have several options, you can choose one of our 3 different media-packs to get you media coverage or we can guide you to do it on your own using our experiences and infrastructure.

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Q: Why a new label for Blockchain projects?
A: New ideas with the blockchain technology have a different approach to market. Legal wise it has some restrictions. We know all about them.


Q: Do you accept Cryptocurrency as payment?
A: Yes, we do, we accept Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Q: How experienced are you as a Digital Media Agency?
A: We handle digital media more than 10 years and for over 100 clients. Big brands like Toyota, Lexus, Playboy, Viacom, MTV, BNP Paribas have worked with us through the years.


Q: How experienced are you with Blockchain and ICO?
A: The partners/owners of the ZO Media Group invested over the years in many startups, some of course with the Blockchain technology. We have an interesting portfolio in businesses in New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Some of them were backed by an ICO.


Q: Do you work international?
A: We work worldwide with our partners.


Q: How can clients and advertisers see the results of a campaign?
A: We work with an integrated dashboard called DataEnzo. See as well:


Q: I do not have creative materials, can you handle this as well?
A: Yes, our agency Creationline can do this for you. See as well: