Insights & Intelligence

Finding, collecting and using of relevant campaign data.

There is more than just online media.

Offline / Online Integration

After all, putting media in claustrophobic little pigeon holes has been old news for quite some time now. Yet you can still see this taking place on a daily basis. Radio, print, television and outdoor advertising can all have an impact on activities carried out online and vice versa.

And what about billboarding, foldering and even advertising in cinemas? To determine the right mix of online and offline media, all activities need to first be specified in a well-organised manner. How do they affect each other?

Business Intelligence.



DataEnzo makes sure that you know what constitutes realistic goals for ‘tomorrow’, based on information and results from ‘yesterday and today.’ For your private version of DataEnzo, you can use all your own data to make campaign reports and predict the next campaign outcome.


By taking into account external conversion factors such as; news of the day, social buzz, weather conditions, malfunctions on payment platforms, and internet downtimes, you are able to see what factors have affected the campaign.