What are the possibilities

Our services

We like digital challenges and know how important it is to coordinate all steps and channels. The result of a campaign depends on many factors. Few conversions during a conversion campaign because the landing page did not work as it should be? Or was the message in the creatives confusing, what resulted that the session duration was disappointing due to wrong expectations of visitors? Or was important content/information missing on the website, which caused a lower relevance than hoped? And how is the alignment with other (offline) media activities? All sorts of important factors that we anticipate before and during a campaign.

Because all digital facets are so closely connected, we are convinced that it is very important to be able to optimize on every level possible. Our expertise extends from online advertising to various online marketing services and from clear analyses to pixel-perfect creations.

Online strategy

Our specialists have over 11 years of experience with implementing online media strategies and our role can be fully tailored to your needs. Think of a supporting role in determining the (online) strategy, advice and guidance, campaign development, social management / planning and training.

Online resources

Do you want to reach your target audience by means of online advertising and would you like to realize more awareness for your brand, product or service? Or increase the traffic to your website, app or physical location to stimulate leads and conversions? Online advertising offers many possibilities and we can help you on your way.

Online analysis

One of the most important features of online media is the opportunity to use and analyse data. With the help of infinite tools, everything can be fully measured. This is also necessary because of the somewhat less visible nature online. After all, it is impossible to follow all the delivered ad impressions yourself.

Creation and development

No matter how well a certain online strategy is implemented, without a clear message, platform or expression, it is very difficult to achieve the desired effect. DMENZO, in consultation with its sister company CREATIONLINE, can help with the development of the necessary online materials.